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Scribbld Social Redefines Duty-Free Shopping with Ospree Rebranding

Next time you’re at any of the international airports in Mumbai, Jaipur, or the other five Adani airports, prepare to be greeted by a fresh face in duty-free shopping – Ospree! This new identity, crafted in partnership with us at Scribbld Social, is set to elevate your airport shopping experience to impressive new heights. This rebranding marks a pivotal leap towards unifying MTRPL’s operations across seven international airports in India, showcasing a daring stride towards enlarging its global footprint.

Drawing inspiration from the majestic Osprey, known for its vast migratory patterns, Ospree embodies the brand's aspirations for widespread reach and seamless shopping experiences. As Avishek Bambi Das, CEO of MTRPL, stated, “The mighty Osprey flies around 5000 miles to land in new territories, much like our company’s ambitions. As we plan to expand our global footprint, it’s imperative to integrate all our duty-free stores under one unified brand identity that resonates with our values and aspirations." This initiative aligns with the modern traveler’s desires, setting the stage for an unmatched duty-free shopping experience.

Our partnership with MTRPL to create Ospree's new global appeal has been a remarkable journey. As Kajol Bheda, Founder of Scribbld Social, shared, “Our collaboration with MTRPL to bring Ospree to life has been a journey of strategic creativity and innovation. By combining our branding expertise with MTRPL’s industry insights, we have crafted a brand that not only stands out in the duty-free market but also speaks directly to the global traveler."

Highlighting the significance of our involvement, Amit Butani, Vice President- Strategic Partnership and Alliance of MTRPL, shared his thoughts: “Partnering with Scribbld Social was the best decision for our rebranding journey. Their creative prowess, dedication, and attention to detail have been instrumental in bringing MTRPL's new logo, name, and brand book to life, crafting a story that resonates with our audience and clearly defines our identity going forward.”

As Ospree prepares for its global introduction, it marks a significant milestone in MTRPL's journey and establishes a new industry standard, heralding a future of exciting possibilities for travelers across the globe.

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